Apple Watch Titanium Case Review

Apple Watch titanium cases feature a matte brushed finish to avoid picking up fingerprints as easily as their stainless steel counterparts, creating more discreet looks while offering better scratch resistance than aluminum counterparts.

However, they're more expensive than aluminium versions and for optimal resale value, it would be wiser to opt for one made out of metal instead.


Apple provides its Apple Watch Series 5 in three materials - aluminum, stainless steel and titanium - each offering their own advantages when it comes to weight and density. However, stainless steel adds 10 grams to the overall weight of your device compared to titanium or aluminum models.

Titanium watches offer a premium aesthetic. Titanium's strength makes it stand the test of time while its resistance to corrosion and scratches make it ideal for those concerned about damage occurring over time.

However, for lighter cases opt for aluminum models which will be both cheaper and lighter than titanium versions - offering better resale values as well. If you are an athlete then aluminium could be better as its design has been tailored specifically to handle physical demands such as workouts.

Scratch Resistant

Apple touts their titanium and stainless steel Apple Watches as being more resistant to scratches than aluminum models, yet even after careful use they still sustain scratches or abrasions on the case and display.

The Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with an aerospace-grade titanium case and sapphire crystal display, both built to withstand impacts from drops onto hard surfaces. Designed specifically for exploration, adventure, and endurance sports with customizable action buttons, dual frequency GPS, all-day battery life and specialty bands - the Apple Watch Ultra is built tough.

Titanium is the most durable of the three cases, as well as being the most expensive. Unfortunately, its glossy finish shows scratches and abrasions more easily than aluminum models; aluminium models feature matte surfaces which better conceal minor abrasions; however they remain susceptible to cracking when struck against hard surfaces.


Titanium material makes the Apple Watch even more rugged than ever. Stronger than stainless steel yet lighter in weight means greater comfort for wearing for extended periods of time.

Similarly, brushed titanium finish helps hide minor scuff marks more effectively than polished stainless steel, making it an excellent option for people who prefer their watches to appear pristine.

The Apple Watch Ultra is built to be even more durable than previous aluminum and stainless steel models, boasting a slightly elevated sapphire front crystal with a raised case and bar designed to help shield it from impact damage, as well as more water resistance than past Apple Watch models allowing use at shallower depths.


Titanium Apple Watches are ideal for people seeking a high-end look and willing to invest in more expensive watch bands, since they are lighter yet stronger than aluminum but don't provide any unique functionality benefits.

Titanium cases feature brushed metal cases to cover micro-abrasions better than their stainless counterparts and feel less slippery on your wrist, while being less likely to attract fingerprints and require regular maintenance and cleaning. However, these surfaces do tend to collect fingerprints over time so proper care must be taken when cleaning.