For those who buy products from our page, 1 piece of 2023 Porsche 713 Boxster, 1 piece of Iphone 14 Promax 128 gb, 1 piece of Apple Watch Ultra, 10 pieces of 1.000 USD gift certificates, 20 units of 500 USD gift certificates, 40 units of 100 USD gift certificates will be given.

Draw rules;

1-Draws will be made according to the order number. In multiple orders, an extra number will be given to the customer for the lottery, depending on the number of products.

2-The results of the lottery will be announced on this page on 20.10.2023. The winners should follow these results and reach us via e-mail. The products won after communication are given to the cargo by us.

3-Each person participating in the draw accepts the accuracy of the information entered.

4-There is no spending limit to participate in the draw.

5-The amount of the car in the price list will be sent to those who want a car gift in the form of a bank transfer.

6-Where the customer, who received the car gift, resides, the delivery will be made at the location where he is.

7-The car gift will be given if it reaches a certain number of participation. The minimum number of participants must be 10,000 people.